Titles Available for Purchase

  • Dan Enn Sho Okuden Zoom Seminar

    2 videos  |   Buy $97

    From Nov 21, 2020. Included with attendance is the Dan Enn Sho video and a pdf of the form. If you attended this seminar, you should have received login information from Jon Ludwig, Renshi.

  • The Kosho Compendium - Lifetime Access

    217 videos  |   Buy $997

    The entire library of Bruce Juchnik's DVD collection. Over 200 training videos.

    Kosho Curriculum Ranking Series
    Historical Videos
    Advanced Escrima and Arnis
    Concepts and Principles of Kosho - Unique to the Art
    Advanced Striking Strategies
    Kata and Bunkai - an in depth analysis
    Kempo ...

  • The Last Disciple eBook with Bonus Videos

    5 videos  |   Buy $97

    Get unique insights from my journey with Kosho Ryu and James Mitose. Includes details of the curriculum and concepts taught in our system. 292 pages. THIS IS AN EBOOK (pdf FILE). A HARD COPY BOOK WILL NOT BE SHIPPED.

    Bonus Videos:
    Introduction to Kosho Ryu
    Did You Know - James Mitose

  • Kata Series
    28 videos  |   Buy $397

    Kata Series

    28 videos  |   Buy $397

    28 Full Length videos covering the kata of Kosho Ryu, analysis of bunkai and more...