Kosho Ryu Striking Mini Course

Kosho Ryu Striking Mini Course

The primary focus of this mini-course starts with a few core concepts of Kosho Ryu Kempo as they relate to the octagon pattern:

• Escaping
• 3/8th’s drill
• 12/6/3 concept
• 7/10 or move twice

This first part of the course, we start off with a discussion about James Mitose and the concept of contour hitting.

Here are a few items to keep in mind as you review this content over the coming weeks:
• The material is not specifically arranged in order of importance. All concepts in Kosho Ryu are inter-related and can be studied at any point in your training. Many of the concepts are different, but they are also the same.
• Self study and personal practice are important, but working with a partner or class will help drive home important points in the conceptual learning.
• While we must train safely with others, we must remember that your uke (attacker) is not a mannequin. The intent of the attack and subsequent movement must be delivered with the objective of doing you harm.
• The study of Kosho Ryu is vast. This course is only a snapshot of Kosho Ryu and is by no means the be all or end all. You must always seek new knowledge and understanding to further you along the path.
• Most importantly: Practice, practice, practice.

The Introduction to Kosho and the short Octagon videos are a good place to start. They will illustrate how timing of movement is more important than how to move (or execute a technique). While the footage is older, the concepts are relevant and timeless.

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Kosho Ryu Striking Mini Course

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